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6 Fun phonemic awareness games

6 Fun phonemic awareness games

1. Posting: Stick letters of the alphabet on 5 boxes. Cut a slit in each box to make it look like a post box. Hand out picture cards to learners. They must listen to the word on the card, identify what sound the word begins or ends with and choose which box to put the card into. This game also strengthens a learner’s ability to match phonemes and graphemes.

2. Bean Bag Toss: Lay out picture cards face down on the floor. Learners toss the bean bag and identify the initial sound of the picture card it lands on.

3. Slam: Sit the learners in a circle and place some picture cards in the middle of the circle. Learners put their hands on their heads. The teacher shouts out a sound. The first learner to touch the picture that starts with the same sound given gets to keep the card.

4. Guessing Game: "What am I thinking of?" This game encourages learners to blend orally spoken sounds together. The teacher selects cards from a category and then speaks in a segmented fashion the sounds of a particular item in that category. For example in category of clothing – sounds may be /h/-/a/-/t/ Categories may include theme words as an extension of integrated literacy experiences.

5. Hand out picture cards: Teacher/Parent breaks up a word into sounds i.e. s-u-n. Learners blend sounds to make the correct word and the learner who has the card that matches, places it on the board.

6. Grab bag: fill a bag with cards and place them in a bag. Choose a card and say, "I see a c-a-t in here. Who knows what I see?"