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About Us

Lindsay Brown, Speech-Language Therapist

About the Author

Lindsay Brown is a Speech-Language Therapist who is passionate about teaching phonics and reading to children. She spent many years in private practice in Johannesburg working with multi-disciplinary teams, but has since relocated to the beautiful city of George with her husband and 2 sons, where she consults from Holy Cross Primary School. Lindsay has written articles for journals and has presented various workshops to teachers and parents to assist them in understanding the principles of phonics and how to apply them practically in the classroom and at home.

Lindsay designed and developed Phonix in a Box resources as tools for teachers and parents to use with their children. The games and books are widely used in schools and homes throughout South Africa.

Our products are:

  • use easy, phonic games
  • are created by a phonic, reading and language expert
  • combine phonic and language skills
  • follow a uniformed, phonic progression in the pre-primary and primary grades
  • develop emergent literacy skills
  • teach reading and spelling skills